Sunday, July 25, 2010

Polar Bear in Snow Storm - Oil Painting

Polar Bear in Snow Storm
Just trying something new. I generally paint smaller oil figures because I use just a painting knife (and no brushes). I was unsure about using a painting knife to cover a larger canvas. It took a little more time, obviously; but went okay. My painting surface for oils is unprimed canvas mounted onto a wooden panel with 3/4 inch cradled sides. I find this gives significant tooth for the paint and excellent support for the pressure of the knife. I then tack down the back and edges of the left-over canvas with the old fashioned copper tacks, my favorite part. As a last touch, I usually brush on a coat of varnish. These can be framed or left bare.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Labrador Oil Painting

My son and a friend came by this weekend. Ezra, above, belongs to his friend and was making himself right at home in my yard. He scavenged all the toys and treasures (other people's belongings) that Wylie had worked so hard to bury. This is an oil on unprimed canvas. I finish the edges with copper tacks and varnish the image. I really enjoy painting with intense color. And, they do not need a frame.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catahoula Cur - "Rufus" - Watercolor

Catahoulas are one of my favorite dogs and I have been wanting to paint this guy for a while. I tend to find that the collars worn sometimes tells a bit about the personality of the dog. Rufus, above, wears a heart for his vaccination tag and has some tattered area at the top of his cloth collar.