Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too Often Orphaned

Too Often Orphaned....Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society annual donation piece for fundraiser Paws for Art! Each dog (and cat) painted is of one that was a resident at OLHS or was dropped off around my small farm on the highway. For the ones dropped off, I might keep one or two or a kitten or puppy of a litter and then take the Mom and litter-mates to OLHS. From left to right: the first pup was an OLHS resident, the Pit-bull was a drop-off that I was keeping but died from heartworm treatment, the third was an OLHS resident and was adopted by a family in Oxford, the yellow lab mix with rope toy was a drop-off that I kept, the kitten (appropriately called "Dammit Kitty") was a drop-off with mom and litter-mates and I kept DK and took the rest to OLHS, the dog in the center was dropped off with 7 very young pups and all were taken to OLHS, the cutie sitting sideways on her leg was an OLHS resident adopted by yours truly (her name is Izzy), the next pup was an OLHS resident, and lastly Wylie who was mangy for so long that the vet advice was to put him down but he finally pulled out of it and adopted by me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mallards- Ducks on Ice

This is off one of those gravel roads in my county of no red lights. These ducks were walking on ice with others flying overhead. I took the photo of this frozen scene in December in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

Cat Photo

I get no respect from my self-appointed assistant.