Tuesday, July 10, 2012

what rain?

11 x 15
140lb fabriano

i recently took this photo. in going through the ones of Lilah, i noticed a common thread. this little girl is all about her tail (see painting below where she is on the far end). when searching the bank of photos that i now have, the shadow in this one caught my eye. in this painting i experimented with more colors with the intent to paint this image on a larger format maybe for an upcoming show. i know that the more i venture away from "normal" colors the harder it is to make sense of the subject.  the color use tends to make the image go flat and the shadows don't define it so much.

1 comment:

Studio at the Farm said...

Vicki, I think the outre colors are great! Lilah is a beauty. Perhaps she is just a sensitive mare [re: her tail]