Saturday, September 22, 2012

where did they go?

19 x 22
140 lb fabriano

this is a rather large painting. i do enjoy a larger format as it allows for more interesting water/color formations. this is Sam (my favorite) looking for the small herd he lives with around here. it is not unusual for them to leave him behind and i have to wonder if they know he's the favorite. my newest stray cat does give an idea of size (he's a very large cat - i've been calling him Cowboy). my son lives about a mile up the road (as they say) and he did adopt this cat from me but it found its way back here within a day. regarding large watercolors, i now know why most watercolor artists stick to small formats. i have learned to allow plenty paper to carry the water. this also makes framing easier in that there are a few inches that could trimmed and make it a standard size for ready-made frames.

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