Saturday, March 22, 2014

these guys have lots to do....

gouache (opaque watercolor)
9 x 13
arches artboard

these guys hang out on about 20 acres with grass, hills, woods, pasture, and best of all a creek. they wander around all day and most times i can't even see them. but when its time to eat they will be up by the house watching and waiting for a door to open or a dog to bark. this means that its time to eat. it is wonderous how they seem to always to know what time it is.

this is gouache (opaque watercolor) which is fairly new to me. when i try something new, i like familiar subjects or a photo that i have previously painted. this allows me to experiment with the new paints and not worry about anything else. To purchase, please click on the DPW gallery icon to the right.

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