Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photos of a Lazy Fall Day

Wylie was a bad doggie today! First, he tore up his bed with no concern about the cool night ahead. He then lounged under the banana trees and watched Tiger Lily as she snoozed. Once he was sure that I was not looking, he decided to steal my cell phone and attempted to bury it. Apparently, he was distracted after he had expertly dug a deep narrow hole (about two paws wide) and had left the phone at its edge. It was so packed in mud that I could barely hear it ring. It took me the better part of an hour to find it. It seems he snatched it while I was focused on riding my horse. He probably left his deviousness incomplete to catch up with me as I rode. He loves to frolic along side and make sure that everyone is aggravated. Anyway, it would have been near impossible (although he came close) for him to spoil this perfect fall day.

I will be posting more paintings soon. I have recently been appointed Interim Director of the County Libraries and find that my time is absorbed by the new position. I did take a day to enjoy my farm and wonderful animals. They keep things interesting!

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