Monday, November 2, 2009

Cell Phone Fiasco

I could tell that when I was telling this tale to my friends they were like "yea, right". So, I decided to lay the phone by the hole and photo the situation. Of course, Wylie could not resist the temptation to complete his mischievousness and pawed the phone into the hole. Then Tiger Lily got involved and tried to fish the phone out. Wylie was just watching with his head tilted (like me) wondering what the cat was doing. When Tiger Lily finally gave up, Wylie merely inspected to ensure that the phone was still in the hole and stood by as I retrieved it (never to leave it alone again). I have noticed that Wylie has an odd collection of interesting items in a scattered pile in the yard: a baby bottle, a dolls head (with pig-tails), and several unmatched socks. I have come to realize that my fairly new and pricey wire-rim glasses probably lie somewhere just below the surface of my 40 acre yard and found the fate intended for the cell phone.

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